Wild Tiger

$ 25.99

Wild Tiger also known as “Wild T” was the iconic energy drink enjoyed by Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen and other veterans who have seen service in Iraq. 

If you found yourself patrolling the streets of Mesopotamia, standing post behind a machine gun in a guard tower, or doing whatever silliness deployment brings - this was like crack cocaine to you. It could be found everywhere in the land of two rivers - from Mosul to Basra. 

The special forces operators, private military contractors (PMCs), former infantry grunts and shooter civilians of the OAF Nation art design team came up with this design a few years ago and hood absolutely loved them so we released it again on our new and improved apparel fabric. 

This is a soft yet quality piece of clothing - it feels comfortable and breathable but is also sturdy enough to hold up against your washer and dryer

Color: Black

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