Type 07 Camo Weekend Shorts

$ 39.99

Pay in 4 easy installments with no interest

The OAF Nation Type 07 Special Forces Arid Desert Digital Camouflage Weekend Shorts have arrived in the shop just in time for the holidays. The pattern was inspired by that worn by Iraqi Special Forces in their campaign to rid Iraq of Daesh. After watching the Iraqis take the fight to Daesh day after day. the OAF Nation design team wanted to come up with something to pay homage to the warriors of the Iraqi Special Forces that took down the terror group. We also thought the pattern looks absolutely sick and we think you will too. You are not going to find this particular pattern anywhere else, and what makes it even better is that it’s on our weekend shorts. Good luck topping this.

This design is now featured on our new and improved apparel fabric. It is everything you want in terms of comfort, while also sturdy enough to hold up after washing and drying. Perfect for relaxing on the couch, or for slinging weights at the gym, these shorts can do it all.


100% Polyester
High quality colors and graphics
Elastic waist bands

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