British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) Arid Desert Camouflage Weekend Shorts

$ 34.99

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The pattern on these weekend shorts is based on the Disruptive Pattern Material camouflage, aka DPM. The Brits and a handful of other countries rocked this pattern for years. During the GWOT, US Marines fell in love with DPM and would trade their own cammies to get their hands on a set. You knew you were in the presence of what we refer to as an “old salt” when you saw a Marine strutting around the barracks in DPM utilities. A few Marines on the OAF Nation apparel team designed these shorts with those salt dogs in mind. Wearing these bad boys out and about is sure to get you some glances and knowing nods of the head. They’re a wearable shoutout to those hardos that have gone before.


100% Polyester
High quality colors and graphics
Elastic waist bands

Pre-order will ship in 3 weeks from order date.

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