Job Category: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Job Location: Undisclosed

Job State: Undisclosed

Job Description:

Responsible for locating, identifying and disposing of foreign and domestic explosive devices using advanced geophysical equipment and techniques per the specified project according to the Project Manager and the Client's specifications. Actively support and uphold the Company's stated vision, mission and values.

Essential Functions

Perform UXO duties including: 
•Reconnoiter and classify UXO and DMM 
•Identify all types of military munitions, including possible fuzes and their condition, armed or unarmed 
•Examples of these military munitions are: bombs, guided missiles, projectiles, rockets, land mines and associated components, pyrotechnic items, military explosives and demolition materials, grenades, submunitions
•Excavate subsurface UXO and DMM 
•Move and/or consolidate UXO and DMM that has been determined acceptable for movement within a Munitions Response Site (MRS) or Munitions Response Area (MRA) 
•Transport demolition materials and/or UXO and DMM that have been determined safe for transport 
•Prepare firing systems, both electric and non-electric, for demilitarization operations 
•Operate personnel decontamination stations 
•Assist in the inspection of Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH) for the presence of explosive hazards 
•Construct UXO related protective works 
•Properly store explosive materials per applicable guidance 
•Determine precise location in field environment using a variety of techniques such as use of global positioning equipment, or basic land navigation techniques using topographical map and compass 
•Perform field collection procedures to identify contaminated soil 
•Prepare an on-site holding area to temporarily stow MEC that has an acceptable risk of movement 
•Operate modes of transportation for transporting UXO 
•Perform limited technical supervision of UXOSP 
•Escort personnel who are not directly involved in UXO related operations (e.g., personnel performing environmental monitoring) 
•Inspect MPPEH for the presence of explosives safety hazards 
•Supervise and perform the on-site demilitarization of MEC and handling of demolition materials 
•Prepare an explosives storage plan per all applicable guidance 
•Prepare required UXO munitions response actions and/or range maintenance administrative reports 
•Prepare standard operating procedures for on-site munitions responses and/or for range clearance activities 
•Assist in the preparation of risk and hazards analyses 
•Conduct daily site safety briefings 
•Supervise the conduct of all on-site UXO related operations 
•Inspect and certify and/or verify MPPEH as safe or as to the explosive hazard it may present for transfer within the Department of Defense or release from DoD control per current policies 
•Develop and implement approved explosives and UXO health and safety program in compliance with applicable DoD policy and federal, state, and local health and safety statutes, regulations and codes 
•Analyze operational risks, explosive hazards and safety requirements 
•Establish and ensure compliance with all site-specific explosive operations safety requirements 
•Enforce personnel limits and safety exclusion zones for explosives related operations 
•Conduct, document, and report the results of safety inspections to ensure compliance with all applicable explosives safety policies, standards, regulations and codes 
•Operate and maintain air-monitoring equipment required at sites known or suspected for airborne contaminates 
•Ensure all protective works and equipment used within the exclusion zone are operated in compliance with applicable DoD policy, Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) approvals, and Federal, state, and local health and safety statutes, regulations and codes 
•Develop and implement the MEC-specific sections of the Quality Control Program Plan (QCPP) for all explosive related operations 
•Conduct and document quality control audits of all explosive operations for compliance with established procedures 
•Identify, document, report and ensure completion of all corrective actions to ensure all explosive operations comply with requirements

Job Requirements

•Prior military EOD or graduate of formal training course of instruction
•Must have a minimum of eight(8) years of prior military EOD and/or commercial UXO experience
•Must have experience in all phases of munitions response actions or range clearance activities, as appropriate for the project
•Must have experience in applicable safety standards
•Must have experience in the transportation, handling and storage of munitions and commercial explosives
•If former military must have received a honorable discharge
•Must be available to work outside the normal schedule when dictated by needs of the company
•Ability to travel to, and/or work in, an austere, hostile, or remote location.
•Must be willing to deploy OCONUS
•Basic user level of computer systems related to Microsoft Office software (Word and Excel), databases, and documentation control systems
•Must be capable of moving through rough terrain for extended periods of time (8 plus hours per day) 
•Must be able to pass a detailed background investigation at a frequency as required by contract

•Must be able to meet physical requirements dictated by project requirements

•Must be able to pass a physical approving candidate for overseas work
•Must have 40 Hour HAZWOPER
•Must have current 8 Hour annual HAZWOPER Refresher (if applicable)
•Must have valid U.S. driver's license


Preferred Qualifications

•Strong written and oral presentation skills 
•Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
•Excellent organization skills
•Proven ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously 
•Strong initiative 
•Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines

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