"Throwback Thursday: Hood Certified Hall of Fame" Coffee Table Book (Volume I)

$ 19.99

Pay in 4 easy installments with no interest

Backed by popular demand, this long-awaited coffee table book from OAF Nation is a treat for veterans, service members, and history buffs alike. Explore the real-life stories of daring, courage, and combat prowess through the zany, dark humor that military, veterans and the not-so-faint-of-heart love and expect from the OAF Nation team. Appreciate the artwork prepared by a team of veteran and civilian artists depicting the heroes’ likeness.

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and other heroes spanning several generations are celebrated in this TBT book. From the fight to rid the country of slavery, to liberating Europe from the jackboot of fascism, to exchanging gunfire with jihadists - these stories are intended to teach you about the sacrifices of real human beings, but in a funny way those who have served, in particular, will appreciate.

This book will sit pretty on your coffee table in between entertaining you and guests who will learn you have a sense of humor and taste.

We have a limited quantity of these - so buy now and get it in time for the holidays before it’s too late!

NOTE: The physical book you'll receive is more square shaped (i.e. more stubby) than the rectangular OG prototype version pictured here. There are no other changes beyond that - it's the same book just a slightly smaller cover.

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