Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo Hoodie

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Fall is upon us, and as the temps drop while the sun disappears for ever longer hours, you are going to need some hoodies. The Marines and SOF guys on the OAF Nation design team cooked up the Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage Hoodie specifically with that timeless pattern from Nam in mind. You certainly have seen the pics of commandos heading off into the bush, faces painted for war while rocking one of the coolest camo patterns the world has ever seen, the iconic tiger stripe. These hoodies are an homage to the tiger stripe, with a classic OAF Nation twist that is ripe for the picking. 

As comfortable as they are warm, these new, sturdy polyester hoodies are perfect for cool weather. The material and colors hold up well in the wash. You can have yours for years and never notice its age.

Product Features

Unique design
100% polyester fleece
High quality colors and graphics

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