Swedish M90 “Chocolate” Geometric Splinter Camouflage Hoodie

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In its original state, M90 is the default camouflage pattern used by the Swedish military which evolved from FOA camouflage. The pattern consists of leaf-like blocks designed to blend in with Sweden’s grasslands and woodlands. For that reason, Swedish soldiers have dubbed it "the leaf pile” - or in their words: “lövhögen.”

The Marine infantry grunt veterans, former private military contractors (PMCs), and special forces operators who make up the OAF Nation art design team came up with their own variant of this design pulling from various African bush camo patterns we thought looked pretty neat. The word “chocolate” came to mind when we first looked at a computerized mockup - so that’s what we decided to title this little variant of ours.

This hoodie features high quality graphics and colors that make up a unique design and is 100% polyester fleece stitched together that will hold up well in washing and drying cycles.

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Product Features
Unique design
100% polyester fleece
High quality colors and graphics

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