British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) Arid Desert Camouflage Hoodie

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This hoodie’s pattern is based on the Disruptive Pattern Material camouflage, more commonly referred to as DPM. The pattern was used for a long time by the British Armed Forces and other militaries worldwide. When U.S. Marines bumped into British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq during the GWOT, they couldn’t help but admire the camouflage uniform. Some even swapped their cammies for some desert DPM utilities. After a deployment, it wouldn’t be unusual to see a Marine sauntering around the catwalk of their barracks wearing something in desert DPM. So, a couple of Marines at the OAF Nation apparel desk came up with the unique hoodie you see before you. It’s distinct enough that people who know will recognize it, and your taste.

Product Features

Unique design
100% polyester fleece
High quality colors and graphics

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