Job Category: Instructors

Job Location: CONUS

Job State: Fort Bragg, NC

Job Description:

Summary of Responsibilities:

* Provide instruction in the United States Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School to ensure each student graduates with confidence and the ability to employ the SERE tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) necessary to return with honor regardless of the circumstances of captivity.

* Instructors will conduct course instruction, course administration to include completing student training reports and forms, and logistical, operation and administrative activities for SERE academics and resistance training.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Shall become Subject Matter Experts (SME) in SERE Resistance subjects, such as cross cultural communications, physical and psychological aspects if captivity, clandestine communication, escape planning, resistance to exploitation, interrogation and the U.S. Military Code of Conduct.

* Shall assist and participate in the continuous improvement and development of the U.S Army SERE Course. The Contract Instructor shall accomplish training utilizing fundamental courseware processes, appropriate instruction techniques and established doctrine.

* The Contract Instructor shall research and maintain currency in new technology and doctrinal developments in order to support the Government’s efforts to improve the quality and scope of training. This necessitates the Contract Instructor to possess and apply a practical understanding of the policies, directives, regulations, field manuals, lesson outlines, Courseware and POI used to conduct SERE Training.

* Shall possess the ability to apply various captor exploitation efforts, to include: interrogation, indoctrination, propaganda, video propaganda, concessions, forced labor and reprisals. Contract Instructors shall have the ability to analyze, evaluate and assess students’ knowledge and ability to employ resistance and escape strategies in a simulated captivity environment.

* Shall be knowledgeable in individual and group resistance postures, techniques and strategies, establishing overt and covert organizations, establishing overt and covert communications, and planning and executing escapes in all captivity environments – wartime, peacetime governmental detention, and hostage detention.

* Other duties as requested, directed or assigned by your supervisor.

Physical Qualifications:

* Twenty-four (24) hour support is required and shift work is authorized. An eight hour shift plus one (1) hour prior to start of shift to conduct course pre-briefings and one (1) hour immediately following each shift for debriefings shall be required. The Contract Instructor is required to provide support training over weekends and holidays during any course iteration. Lunch times and length shall vary depending upon course iteration progress and other student training requirements. Programmed periods of instruction may not always allow for scheduled meal breaks.

* The nature of SERE training requires high standards of mental and physical fitness. Contract employees will participate in SERE training events in rough terrain, requiring the ability to lift/carry 45 pounds, walk up multiple flights of stairs, walk up to six (6) miles per day with a rucksack and provide up to eight (8) consecutive hours of instruction.

* Course instructors shall be able to perform work in varied conditions, for example: indoor/outdoor, extreme inclement weather to include rain and snow.

* Physical Requirements – [Occasionally (.25 – 2.5 hours daily); Frequently (2.5 – 5.5 hours daily); Continuously (5.5 – 8 hours daily)}

o Sit/Stand – Occasionally

o Walk/Bend or Stoop – Frequently

o Drive/Reach Above – Occasionally

o Use Hands for Push/Pulling or Fine Manipulation – Occasionally

o Lift/Carry –

* 0 – 50 lbs – Frequently

* 50 – 100+ lbs Occasionally

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