Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage Rain Jacket

$ 59.99

Pay in 4 easy installments with no interest

As the rainy season kicks into high gear, you are going to need something to keep you dry. And why not stay dry while looking fly, too? The brand new OAF Nation Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage Rain Jacket just might be exactly what you need. Based on the timeless tiger stripe pattern made famous by US forces in Vietnam, our new spin on the pattern is sure to please. Perfect for the outdoors, with a look that surely worked in Nam, this rain jacket is arguably the finest looking outerwear ever produced. Professionally crafted by our team of military and veteran designers, these were made specifically to honor the hardos that fearlessly left the wire and headed out into the bush while rocking the tiger stripe

Pre-order will ship in 3 weeks from order date.

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