USMC T-Pattern TMOUT Urban Camouflage Rain Jacket

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The TMOUT Rain Jacket has a camouflage pattern that most may not be familiar with. In OAF Nation’s quest to provide some really cool and historical camouflage patterns, our design team has been hard at work researching new material. Our TMOUT pattern was inspired by an experimental design the Marine Corps tested out in the late 90s. Even then, it seemed as though combat in the future would take place primarily in urban areas, thus necessitating new, high-speed camouflage for work in cities. The Marine Corps was correct in assuming that wars now would be conducted asymmetrically, and we thought we would highlight their attempt at city-flage by cooking up this design. Although the GWOT proved that just because a war is asymmetric doesn’t mean it will necessarily be fought on urban terrain, the TMOUT camouflage pattern was ahead of its time in both style and foresight.

The newest addition to our rain jacket collection is great for the inclement weather sure to come your way this year.

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