British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) Arid Desert Camouflage Rain Jacket

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The new Desert DPM Rain Jacket is dropping in.. just in time for fall. Lucky for you, the Disruptive Pattern Material camouflage pattern, happily referred to as DPM, is here to keep you looking fresh. The unique design is the brainchild of the OAF Nation design team, based on a legendary look from the GWOT. The British Armed Forces wore the pattern for years and when the US Marines saw them downrange they were smitten. Trading digital MARPAT cammies for DPM, those war pigs would bring DPM back stateside and flex on new joins and non-deployers every chance they got. The Desert DPM Rain Jacket is an homage to those warriors and is sure to keep you dry while looking good.


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