Asymmetric Warfare Operations Advisor

Asymmetric Warfare Operations Advisor

Job Category: Subject Matter Expert / Advisor

Job Location: CONUS

Job State: Ft Meade, MD

Job Description:

Serve as an AWG Operational Advisor provides support to the Army and Joint Force Commanders to enhance Soldier survivability, combat effectiveness, and defeat current and emerging threats.

As part of a Military-Contractor Field Team, provide advisory support to tactical and operational-level conventional and SF units on TTPs and best-practices to defeat and/or mitigate conventional and asymmetric/unconventional threats within their operational environment. Common areas of advisement include, but not limited to: operational planning; tactical and operational full spectrum targeting; enabler/asset integration; close combat techniques; subterranean operations; weapons of mass destruction; operations in dense urban terrain; site exploitation; partnered operations; force protection; personnel recovery; and asymmetric/irregular warfare. Advisors routinely advise on security cooperation assessments and activities, vulnerability assessments, and JIIM Operations.

During deployments, conducts tactical embeds with AWG Soldiers to advise and assist units in overcoming current challenges; and, to observe, analyze, and report on conventional and asymmetric threats, enemy vulnerabilities, and friendly capability gaps with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the future force.

This position will require travel to CONUS/OCONUS (up to 70% of the time) to provide home station advisory support to conventional and SOF units and deploy to OCONUS locations, to include semi-permissive and combat environments, to provide operational advisory supports to forward deployed conventional and SOF elements. Deployments typically don't exceed four months at a time, however, must be able to deploy within 5 business days of notice.

Job Requirements

*Successful leadership (coded supervisory/ Command) positions of increasing responsibility culminating at no lower than company/troop level (or service equivalent) and operational experience (including both tactical mission and operations / plans staff experience) with US Special Operations Forces (SOF) or Special Mission Unit (SMU).

*Possess extensive experience across the range of Special Operations core activities (unconventional warfare, counterterrorism, foreign internal defense, security force assistance, direct action, special reconnaissance, military information support operations, and civil affairs operations).

*Recent and relevant experience with JIIM operations beyond the tactical level and across the range of military operations.

*Extensive experience in operating with small teams under austere and ambiguous conditions to quickly establish rapport and team work in order to achieve mission objectives.

*Extensive experience in advising and training US and partner forces; but must also possess the aptitude to concurrently assess the operational environment to inform future operations, programs, and policies, and its effects on the design of future force capabilities.

*Ability to research, analyze, and synthesize information to develop informed solutions, concepts and recommendations.

*Advanced proficiency with weapons (M4 and M9 minimum), expeditionary communications, trauma and wilderness medical care, and personnel recovery.

*Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills to engage tactical, operational, and strategic level leaders within the JIIM environment.

Clearance: Top Secret security clearance.

Preferred Skills and Education

*10 years of relevant experience in land warfare component combat arms organizations

*Expertise in terrorist, guerrilla and other asymmetric operations in order to advise the AWG on planning, training and equipping with experience in red force planning and special operations forces.

*Demonstrated knowledge of current operations and emerging military organizations, capabilities, and doctrine

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