Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage 4-Way Stretch Button Up Shirt

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This new take on the OAF Nation Button Up shirts is an homage to those Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and other veterans of the Vietnam War. Based on the timeless tiger stripe design that is ubiquitous with recce and commando units putting in work in the bush, the military personnel and veterans on the OAF Nation design team came up with the Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage Weekend Shorts specifically with those badasses in mind. For military and history enthusiasts, the tiger stripe pattern is to Vietnam what multicam is to the Global War on Terror (GWOT.) 

Based on one of the most recognizable camo patterns ever created, the new OAF Nation Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage 4-way Stretch Button Up Shirt is a crowd pleaser perfect for hammering dingers down the green. Made from a new and improved four-way stretch material. It's light, soft, and looks awesome. This button up is built for it all even if golf isn’t your bag, baby.


Upgraded design
100% polyester
High quality colors and graphics

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