British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) Arid Desert Camouflage Button Up Shirt

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This button-up is dressed up in one of the finest odes to GWOT warfighting out there. The Disruptive Pattern Material, commonly called DPM, was worn by the British Armed Forces as well as a grip of other foreign nations. When US Marines bumped into the Brits abroad, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were impressed with the DPM. This led Marines to swap their trusty digital camouflage for DPM gear. This, naturally, led to senior Marines flexing on their less enlightened and seasoned counterparts back stateside with their tactically acquired DPM. The design team at OAF Nation came up with the Desert DPM Button-up as a nod to those that have been downrange and looks righteous even on those who haven’t.


Upgraded design
100% polyester
High quality colors and graphics

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